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Redgear Solutions

IoT Solutions that shape

tomorrow's world 


Actively investing in and developing new technologies in healthcare, agriculture and industrial operations. Solving problems and generating new business models.

We help our clients design and implement new technology solutions that change and improve their business operations and disrupt their industries.

Use our IoT platform to connect your devices and understand the power of the Internet of Things. We enable our clients to discover new services and revenue streams through the use of our IoT platform.



In developed countries, such as the UK and US, the 60+ demographic is expected to double between 2000 and 2050 putting massive pressure on clinical and social care systems.

The “Ageing Population” is a phenomenon that occurs when a region or country’s fertility rate diminishes and the life expectancy of the population increases. The innovations and advances in medical technologies and treatments are the biggest contributor to the increase in life expectancy. This phenomenon has serious impacts on the financial markets, healthcare systems and infrastructure of any country.

We are developing solutions to enable more accurate and personalised decisions regarding individual care needs of a patient as opposed to the standardised approaches prevalent in the care market today. Visit or contact us to find out how we can help.

Food security is a world wide concern with more than 160 million undernourished people living in crisis situations.
 (State of Food Insecurity in the World 2010)

Through IoT solutions we gather data and inform the Agriculture techniques of tomorrow ensuring better yields through crop management and precision farming.


“The present global population of seven and a half billion could reach the 10 billion mark as early as 2050, and it currently takes only four 
days to add a further million people to the population, or 12 years to increase the population by 1 billion. Therefore, primary global challenges include food insecurity.”


Prof Gert Venter (Farmer’s Weekly) 

With the increasing rise in IoT developments and the continuous improvements in communications technologies, businesses are constantly driven to adopt new technologies and methods of manufacturing to keep up with the competition and the market in general.

The world is experiencing a new industrial revolution and companies need to innovate faster than ever to stay relevant.


RedGear Solutions can help ensure a return on your investment by helping you understand the impact new technologies have on  your business and what transformation you require to get the best out of innovations in your market place.


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